Our home colors

| Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What colors of our home?
Yes, indeed Blue & Green. I can say this is our official home colors. The home for humanity. The most beautiful planet among 9 of them. God created this home for us, it is a beautiful place was given to us. We are fully responsible for it. We need to take care of our home. We don't want to destroy our home..
but now a day..some people doesn't care about it. Peoples now a day want to destroy their home. So sad so bad!!

There is small sign given by god when this earth fall apart. How do we live when the whole world became like Japan on 11th March 2011? 9.0 magnitude Earth Quake & 10 meter high Tsunami(brother disaster)? Do anybody care if this happen to you? Earth not stable because of human wrong activities. Do we need to ignore and say nothing?

PLEASE SAVE OUR PLANET...if you are still have humanity feeling inside you.


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